Here are some of the ways that we might be able to work together:

Facilitated Conversations

Everyone loves a good conversation but, quite often, powerful ideas get lost among the words. Through intentionally planned discussion, I can help you find the connective threads in your group’s thinking so that the important thinking doesn’t get lost.

Strategic Planning

Planning for the future is something that should engage the imagination and creativity of an entire organization. Learn how powerful approaches like Appreciative Inquiry, Human-centered Design, Polarity Thinking can breathe new life and perspective into the planning and the implementation of your work.

Parent Engagement Models

One of the most important elements of any school culture is our parent community. But, it’s also one of the most challenging elements to nurture. The Engagement Challenge is much more than simply getting parents to walk through the front door of the schoolhouse. It’s about how parents are integrated into the vision, life and work of the school community. It begins with imagination, creativity and a whole lot of commitment.

As an educator, a parent and School Council Chair, I have developed some ideas that might help. Whether you want to attract more parents to monthly meetings or design a powerful Parent Engagement evening, I can work with you to create something that begins to shift the culture of participation.

Imagination & Creativity Experiences

I’m constantly on the lookout for people, approaches and technologies that have the power to get us thinking in different ways. I then try to imagine how I might be able to integrate them into my practice. Here are a few exciting connections I’ve made over the past couple of years.

Toy Designer, Ilana Ben-Ari has created a beautifully engaging way of allowing people to experience the importance of empathy and understanding. This blind-folded experience is a real eye-opener when it comes to how play can help us to engage in serious conversations assumptions, perspectives and the way we see the world! A great way stand alone session for you and your team, or a creative way of beginning some more complex work. Ask me how we might integrate The Empathy Toy into your lesson planning or your next staff meeting.

Children love to play with music and musical instruments. Whether it’s singing, banging on a drum, or exploring a piano keyboard, there is a sense of ease and comfort with the idea of just playing! But have you noticed that something happens as we get older? The meaning of “learning to play” shifts from a sense of freedom and delight to something that is more disciplined and rule-based. Sometimes we can lose that creative spirit that we had when we were younger. Let me help you bring that creative energy back to your team’s work. You supply the people, and I will bring the guitars, ukuleles, the drumsticks and a process to get everyone involved very quickly!

I have the pleasure of working closely with Mimi and her team to bring a series of exciting workshops into the education space. Rhythm and Rhyme is a series of workshops designed to explore the art of songwriting through the simple, but important experiences of life. I would love to talk to you about bringing Mimi to your District to work with students, educators and your community!