I’m Stephen Hurley and, after spending over 30 years as a classroom teacher, a curriculum consultant and teacher educator, I’m more aware than ever of the importance of powerful learning opportunities—not only for our young people, but for people of all ages.

While I’m sure that the need for change and improvement will always be important, I happen to believe that there are many, many examples of high quality learning taking place right across this country and around the world. I also believe that, with the right amount of imagination and creativity, every school can become a place where meaningful and connected learning takes place for all students.

Recently, I’ve put my time and money behind this idea and invite you to take a look at a personal project that has become much bigger than me. Consider joining us at voicEd Radio

Why Work With Me?...

I’m passionate about helping you have a new type of conversations with your colleagues, with your shareholders and with your organizational partners—conversations that will move you beyond the status quo into a compelling and vibrant future.

I offer powerful positivity-based facilitation approaches that will enable your learning communities to discover their shared values, strengths and commitments. I help you turn your aspirations into rich and dynamic strategic plans.

I help you plan powerful arts-based experiences that will help you bring your communities together in ways that they will never forget.

I will work alongside your organization as you develop the strong, collaborative partnerships necessary to expand and deepen community and experience-based learning opportunities.

Note on Social Impact

We talk a great deal today about 21st schools, life-long learning and the importance of community hubs.

Let’s work to convert that talk into action and that imagination into creativity so that the learning environments that you’re dreaming about become more than just dreams!

Here are ways to connect with me:
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