Recently I took up the challenge to think about the many people who have had an impact on my life and have influenced the way I think about the world. The suggestion was to take time to write a personal acknowledgement page—a nod, a gratitude to the generosity, the insights and the occasional “kick in the butt” that I have received from so many of you over the years.

I would like to Acknowledge (in no particular order):

My very first principal, Bill McEachern, for showing me the difference between a job and a vocation.

My children, Luke and Liam, for reminding me that learning can and should be fun—lots of fun.

The many educators right across Canada who have allowed me to be a part of their passionate conversations about the schools that they imagine.

My friends and colleagues at the Canadian Education Association, for allowing me to be part of their energetic work.

My wife Zoe who is constantly reminding me that schools are real places with real kids and real teachers!

David Booth, a friend, a mentor and someone who has consistently pushed my thinking and has always prohibited me from selling myself short!

The Philosophy Department at the University of Toronto, Erindale College for being some of the first to disturb my perspective on the world.

Shirley Kendrick, Superintendent and friend, who has continued to support me in my imaginative meanderings—even when they didn’t make a whole lot of sense.

The Eagles.